SCBA Nomex Pack Identifiers

Foxfire is leading the way in photoluminescent innovation and firefighter safety. Made of heat resistant Nomex, and Foxfire’s Advanced Photoluminescent Technology®(APT). These low profile pack ID’s fit over the bottle retention band on the back of all manufacturers’ air packs, not on the bottle, allowing simple bottle change outs.
Pack Identification System
(Front/Back Combo or Individual)
-Attaches to front shoulder strap & rear horizontal straps of SCBA harness
-Does NOT interfere with normal operation
-Fits ANY size/brand SCBA
-Securely attaches with 4” Velcro® closure (remains on SCBA when changing cylinders)

Each customized rear pack ID can accommodate up to 4 digits single line or 8 digits double line in the horizontal plane.

• Reflective heat welded characters are available in Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, and Gold.

Foxfire Firefighters Pulling Ceiling

    "In teaching courses throughout Noth America, I've witnessed that one of the toughest issues on the fire-ground is personnel accountably. The Foxfire SCBA Pack Identifier provides interior personnel with an effective way of keeping crew integrity. The ability to look around a dark, smoke filled room and have members of a crew quickly and e ectively identify each other is crucial to an e ective outcome.”

    — Mark Gregory, co-founder, PL Vulcan Fire Training Concepts