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October 8, 2015 Exit Strategy: New Product To Save You in a Fire Channel 12-CBS Florida 

February 10, 2015 CNN Money Blue Collar Entreperneurs

July 18, 2013 Foxfire Used For Emergency Situations

Yahoo! News Feature A firefighter’s plan to save lives and employ brothers

MN8® Foxfire President Zachary Green Featured on WCPO's BusinessWise

       December 3rd. 2014 MN8 Foxfire Arena Solutions WKRC 


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MN8 Foxfire Teams with Honeywell to Bring Life-Saving Photoluminescent Technology to Honeywell First Responder Products 

Press Release June 21, 2013 -- MN8® Foxfire and Phenix Technology Introduce Customizable Illuminating and Reflective Helmet Magnet Panels
Press Release May 3, 2013 - MN8® Foxfire Introduces New Products Utilizing Foxfire's Advanced Photoluminescent Technology
Press Release April 11, 2013 -- MN8® Foxfire Presented Ohio Chamber of Commerce's Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award
Press Release March 31, 2013 -- MN8® Foxfire Announces Availability of its Second Generation Helmet Band
Press Release February 14, 2013 -- MN8® Foxfire Introduces Illuminating Helmet Bars
Press Release September 6, 2012 -- MN8® Foxfire Introduces Illuminating "Firefighters for a Cure" Cancer Awareness T-Shirts
Press Release August 24, 2012 -- MN8® Foxfire Introduces New "Keep Calm and Fight Fires" Illuminating T-Shirts
Press Release March 7, 2012 -- MN8® Foxfire Announces T-Shirt Design Contest for Firefighters
Press Release January 23, 2012 -- Joint Fundraiser to Benefit F.D.N.Y. Rescue 2 Injured Firefighters Established by MN8® Foxfire, and Iron
Press Release January 31, 2012 -- More than $2,300 Raised to Help F.D.N.Y. Rescue 2 Injured Firefighters, Efforts Led by MN8® Foxfire, and 
Press Release January 5, 2012 -- MN8® Foxfire Introduces Illuminating Helmet Tetrahedrons for Firefighters
Press Release November 3, 2011 - MN8® Foxfire Unanimously Approved for the Ohio Technology Investment Tax Credit at the Ohio Statehouse
Press Release September 20, 2011 -- United States' Oldest Fire Department is Using the Newest Technology (Foxfire Illuminating Fire Safety Products) to Save Time and Lives
Press Release July 20, 2011 --MN8 Products and to Introduce Foxfire Illuminating Products at FireHouse Expo in Baltimore
Press Release May 24, 2011 - MN8 Products Named Runner Up in Emerging Business Category
Press Release April 27, 2011 - Foxfire Firefighter Products Now Offered in Multiple Illuminating Colors - New Colored Grip Wrap Helps Illuminate Tools and Differentiate Between Different Tools, Roles and Crew Members
Press Release October 13, 2010 - Revolutionary "Glow Technology" Products Enable Firefighters to Illuminate Surroundings and Be Visibly Located in No Light Conditions
December 4th 2011- WXIX Foxfire helps Firefighters Work In The Dark