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Three of the biggest risks faced by firefighters are disorientation, visibility and accountability (to both individuals and tools). Foxfire® illuminating products assist firefighters in facing these risks by improving positional orientation, making personnel easy to locate and illuminating search areas.

Product Highlights
  • Increases visibility and positional orientation
  • Can be charged by any light source (sun, artificial light, low light)
  • Will illuminate for hours
  • May be recharged repeatedly by any light condition
  • Glow/illumination serves as a “light emitter”
  • Energy efficient, eco-friendly and no batteries required
  • Made of industrial grade high temperature resistant silicone
  • Can withstand high temperatures

Foxfire crawl

Local firefighter creates life saving devices from MN8 Foxfire on Vimeo.


How It Works

​Our products utilize advanced photoluminescent technology. It is not just the highest grade photoluminescence pigment but also the propriatary application of pharmaceutical grade photoluminescence ( PL ) pigments suspended in various substrates. Some of these materials initially can emit light output over 1,000+ mcd/m2 and can continue to emit light up to 80 hours* when fully charged. This technology has been tested by UL to meet or exceed the ASTM E2072/3 international standards for photoluminescence safety materials.

PL Diagram