Exit Signs

LumAware® (formerly known as FoxFire) Photoluminescent Exit Signs

LumAware® photo luminescent exit signage (available in both UL listed and UL compliant options) makes it easier to locate exit in enhanced safety way guidance in light conditions. Foxfire photoluminescent exit signs utilize advanced photoluminescent Technology which brightly illuminates surrounding areas and stays visible in the dark for hours. Signs may be recharged indefinitely.

EXIT Signs

Foxfire photoluminescent exit signs are offered in a variety of sizes and colors. Other photoluminescent safety signs (such as running man, floor number signs, etc…) are also available.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, photoluminescent (PL) exit signs are the MOST energy efficient signs available. And locations of proper charging sources, PL exit signs can have an unlimited service life.


EXIT sign side by side

Other Advantages

1. PL Products Can Secure Points with LEED Credits.

2. Photoluminescent (PL) Exit Signs are a highly sustainable product that can directly contribute toward securing points in the following Leadership in Energy and Design (LEED) credits:

  • EA #1 Energy and Atmosphere: Optimizing Energy Performance
  • MR Credit #4 Materials and Resources: Recycled Content.
  • ID Credit #1.1 Innovation Design: Exceptional Performance.


3. Violations - (Fire Code violations for faulty electric signs can range from $25-$500 per violation).

Below is a cost and time comparison between traditional electric "Exit Signs," and our Foxfire Photoluminescent Signs.

  Electric Signs Foxfire Photoluminescent Signs
Efficiency: Good Best
Power Consumption: 5 watts $0.00
Service Life: 10 years   Unlimited
Maintenance: Electric batteries ($7-15.00/yr)
Plus labor, bulbs  ($5-10.00/yr) 
plus labor (replacement
batteries/bulbs, 500 signs
$6000-$12,500 plus labor every
3 to 5 years).
Disposal Hazard: Yes No
Periodic Testing: Yes - Period Testing for 500
Signs $10,000-$20,0000 per year.
Operating Costs: 5 watts of power each;
22,000 kWh of electricity;
annually. $3,000 @ $0.14/kWh.
Zero watts of power each;
0 kWh of electricity annually
$0.00 @ $0.14/kWh.


 EXIT sign

Make your building egress ready today with LumAware®

LumAware® products are easy-to-install, durable and provide a long reliable photoluminescent afterglow. Our Safety & Egress products range from a self-leveling easy to apply stair edging to permanent railing covers to a wide range of illuminating signage.Contact Us for more information about our Safety & Egress products or request a complimentary safety analysis.