Egress Safety

Are You Truly Prepared for a Power Failure?


When power is out and backup systems fail, the safety of any facility's occupants depends on a well-planned egress (exit) plan and clear escape route markings. 

As our products are designed by firefighters for firefighters and those we protect; we've taken the knowledge we've learned from firefighting practices to make your buildings safer and better. 

LumAware offers innovative, flexible and comprehensive solutions for integrating photoluminescence into your egress systems. These solutions are ideal for use in industrial and environmental settings, commercial or residential buildings, theme parks, stadiums and even underground mines. 


Make your building egress ready today with Foxfire
LumAware products are easy-to-install, durable and provide a long reliable photoluminescent afterglow. Our Safety & Egress products range from a self-leveling easy to apply stair edging to permanent railing covers to a wide range of illuminating signage.  

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