Behind the name

Behind the Name
 MN8 Logo
MN8 is another way of saying emanate. Our products don't just glow in the dark, they emanate (MN8) light.  By using Advanced Photoluminescent Technology® we are able to create some of the strongest afterglow available. Advanced Photoluminescence Technology is virtually the highest output glow-in-the-dark technology available on the market.
PL Diagram
It is not just the highest grade photoluminescence pigment but also the propriatary application of pharmaceutical grade photoluminescence ( PL ) pigments suspended in various substrates. Some of these materials initially can emit light output over 1,000+ mcd/m2 and can continue to emit light up to 80 hours* when fully charged. This technology has been tested by UL to meet or exceed the ASTM E2072/3 international standards for photoluminescence safety materials.
 Foxfire Logo
“What do foxes have to do with safety equipment?,” you may be asking yourself. We chose the name Foxfire for a reason: We feel the word “foxfire” describes the greenish glow our products give off. Although our afterglow is from a inorganic molecular reaction, we use the name Foxfire as a homage to Mother Nature's natural bioluminescence. Foxfire is a specific species of fungi found in decaying wood. These fungi have been used as a natural lantern of sorts throughout the years: Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn used them to dig a tunnel; Benjamin Franklin used the fungi for a light source in an early version of a submarine; and soldiers used these lanterns in the trenches during World War I to be able to see in the dark. We want our photoluminescent items to have a significant impact on those who use them; such as the impact the species of fungi have had to this day.
Foxfire Mushroom        Foxfire Mushroom
*The average human eye can see a glow down to about 0.0032 mcd/m2. Full afterglow time is measured to 0.000 mcd/m2